Homoground is a US-based site that’s like some gay podcast sweatshop for your music discovery pleasure. We’ve just contributed a 40-minute mix of music (un)released this year by queer-identified artists and performers based in our Techno Hauptstadt who craft music by electronic means. Enjoy!

  1. Peaches “Turn it On”
  2. G-dmother “Bad Things”
  3. Dievondavon “Die Single”
  4. Sookee “Bitches Butches Dykes & Divas”
  5. Rodeo “I Don’t Know Why”
  6. Planningtorock “The Breaks” (Hannah Holland remix)
  7. †DRESSER “It’s a Choice”
  8. Discodromo “Mercurio”
  9. Kool Thing “The Sign” (Joey Hansom remix)
  10. The Rimshooters feat. Sigrid Elliot “Don’t Turn Away from my Love”
  11. Nikolaj Tange Lange “No Place Like Home”
  12. Aérea Negrot “Please Move to…”
  13. Alexander “Bad Language”
  14. Steffi “Sadness”
  15. rRoxymore “Lonelyritournelle”

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