Since its online explosion earlier this year, Zebra Katz‘s hit “Ima Read” has educated the masses on ballroom slang and the importance of literacy, set to a strict boarding school backbeat. Although the track’s origins be traced back to 2007 (as a piece from Ojay Morgan‘s senior thesis play Moor Contradictions), it’s been given a new life thanks to its official release on Jeffree’s and its placement in a Rick Owens fashion show. Now Katz has offered Expatriarch an exclusive remix by legendary Chicago house gangster DJ Sneak, which you can stream and download here.

Queer hip-hop’s BMOC is also interviewed in Expatriarch Radio #31, streaming later this week, just in time for his European tour that kicks off September 14 for SAALFEST in Berlin. You can check the full itinerary — including a number of dates with fellow New Yorker Azealia Banks — below the vid for “Ima Read”.

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