Author: Expatriarch

Expatriarch Radio #64

This month Bella Cuts talks about the next edition of Expatriarch Generations, with new music from Normal Love to whet your appetite.

Expatriarch Radio #63

It’s June, the month of pride, parades and pinkwashing, and we’ve got a brief summary of what Berlin has on offer this year, along with a preview of the Expatriarch Stage at the Torstraßen Festival on June 13.

Expatriarch Radio #62

Bella Cuts steers through all the frequencies of the genre spectrum, from the gossamer textures of Gabi to the brutal feminist rage of Castrator, along with Baby Dee, DJ Sprinkles and Longopus.

Expatriarch Radio #61

Bella Cuts, the show’s new host, shares tunes from gender-problematizing NYC trio Bottoms, Icelandic singer-songwriter Lay Low and British rapper/poet Kate Tempest, all performing in Berlin this month along with a slew of local talent: Kami Ada, Beißpony and Romy Haag.

Expatriarch Radio #59

Local artists such as Magic Island and Nuclear Family, international acts playing in Berlin like Future Brown and Hard Ton, plus a roundup of this year’s Berlinale.

Expatriarch Radio #58

An interview between Gudrun Gut and newcomer Borusiade, plus music by Arca, La Roux, Chicks on Speed and other acts playing in Berlin this month.