Getting nasty with zero misogyny: Meet DJ Occult

We’ve started to include more guest DJ mixes on Expatriarch Radio, and this month we introduce DJ Occult. Press play and read below to find out more. The mix gets started 28 minutes in.


Tell us a bit about you

My name is Kate Coffee. I was born in Florida and love all things booty. I’m currently in love with anything Philthtrax. Particularly this sick ghetto house tape: Club Weapons by Club Cab.

What’s the idea behind this mix?

Ghettotech and booty bass are known too well to objectify women. Fuck all that. It’s time we reclaim the the power of that terminology, that bass, our bodies and flip the script once and for all. I just want to see my big booty bitches on the floor getting as nasty as they want to be with zero misogyny, zero predatory vibes & zero judgement, baby.

Fave track of the moment?

DJ Assault – Raccoon

Where can people hear you play?

You can see me play at the next Room for Resistance on December 29th at About Blank with Deena Abdelwahed, DJ Bus Replacement Service, Peach, Violet and more.

Like what you hear? Check another mix by DJ Occult on Soundcloud.