Expatriarch Generations

Since 2010, with its radio show and events, Expatriarch has explored the terms “gender” and “genre” within Berlin’s music landscape, and now, the related concept of “generations”. In 2014, Expatriarch Generations invited established artists to select, introduce and support newcomer artists to prime them for a wider audience. The series received so much good feedback that it was renewed for a second season in 2015.

For each of the four new editions, the “old” generation picked an up-and-coming Berliner artist for a dialogue on the music industry and the creative process. Part of this was one-on-one mentorship, and part was presented by Intro (in German) and Exberliner (in English), offering anyone an inside look at the realities of a career in music.

Here are the press releases from past editions:

Tama Sumo presents The Neighbourhood Character

Thursday 15 October at Schwuz

Active in Berlin since the 90s, Tama Sumo is known to contemporary house music fans around the world, largely as resident DJ at Panorama Bar at Berghain. She explains of her pick, American expat Ari Robey-Lawrence a.k.a. The Neighbourhood Character: “I met her about two years ago through my wife Lerato and from the dancefloor of Panorama Bar. She comes with a lot of knowledge in music, openness and curiosity.” In 2014, Ari, Lakuti and Tama Sumo worked together on a remix for The Knife under the alias Tarantism. Earlier this year, Ari and Afrikan Sciences collaborated on a 12” EP, released on Uzuri Recordings.

Tama Sumo and Ari by Alexa Vachon

“I first heard her DJ at a queer party at Raumerweiterungshalle in Berlin,” continues Tama Sumo. “I love how she dares to be different and edgy. In my opinion, she has a unique mixture of a funky, soulful, experimental and queer approach to music, and I see a huge talent in her.” Ari has been preparing lots more productions of her own, which she’s planning to unveil in her DJ set at SchwuZ in mid-October.

Bettina Koester presents P.U.F.F.

Friday 18 September at Schwuz

This edition welcomes Bettina Koester, who (like 2014 participant Gudrun Gut) was a founding member of the all-female bands Mania D and Malaria! in the late 70s and early 80s. Over the years, she has collaborated with the likes of Blixa Bargeld and Jessie Evans, scored and co-produced films and performed around the world.

Bettina Koester and PUFF by Merja Hannikainen

When asked to select a newcomer talent, Bettina knew she wanted to pick a band that was punk – if not in sound, then at least in spirit. She settled on a band she’s already been following for a bit: the self-described “futurebilly” trio P.U.F.F. (“Puff” is the German word for “brothel”). After a couple small-scale 7” singles and lots of touring, P.U.F.F. have fermented their post-punk and synthwave sounds into their first full-length album, filled with spit and snarl, with a release date imminent.

Christiane Rösinger presents Normal Love

Friday 17 July at Schwuz

This edition welcomes singer-songwriter (and author) Christiane Rösinger, who has chosen duo Normal Love as her newcomer act. Rösinger has remained an important figure in Berlin’s music scene since the 90s, initially with her bands the Lassie Singers and Britta. Aside from a solo album, writing three books and contributing to several respected newspapers, Rösinger has hosted the longrunning Flittchenbar to showcase local talent live, making her a perfect fit for the Expatriarch Generations concept.

Christiane Roesinger and Normal Love by Merja Hannikainen

Normal Love are already familiar to a few Berliners in the underground loop, but now they are getting ready for a wider audience as they put finishing touches on their first album, set for release later this year. Pauline Boudry and Ben Kaan first met in Nina Hagen’s former rehearsal room and soon found a common interest in danceable indie sounds and the work of queer artist Jack Smith, whose 1963 film inspired the band’s name.

Aérea Negrot presents Longopus

Friday 15 May at Schwuz

For the May edition, producer and vocalist Aérea Negrot is presenting Longopus. Ms. Negrot is a producer and vocalist known for her operatic techno creations for the BPitch Control label, as well as her past involvement with Hercules & Love Affair. Her newcomer, Longopus a.k.a. Mark Furlong, started composing music at an early age—playing piano, cello and guitar—and even began a career as a Mormon pop star in his late teens.

Aerea Negrot & Longopus by Alexa Vachon

After living in NYC and a ten-year break from writing, Mark found refuge in Berlin. “I met Mark through a friend over a year ago. It was an automatic chemistry!” Aérea says. “He confessed that he was pursuing his dream, making music. His classical influence and his passion for electronic music blend into the beats he creates, full of melody and flavor.” Longopus will make his debut live performance at clubbing institution at SchwuZ for the Hot Topic party.


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