Expatriarch Radio #81

In February, the CTM Festival continues, with discussions about identity, decolonization and gender on the dancefloor, plus shows and sets from Nadia Rose (pic), LSDXOXO, Ziúr, Toxe, Jackie, Jenny Hval and more. It’s also Berlinale month which means the Teddy Awards are back, and there’s the debut of Final Girls – a festival of horror cinema by women. Tune in for the full story!

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  1. Nadia Rose – Skwod [Feb. 4 at Yaam]
  2. LSDXOXO – Fall Back With You (Pon Ur Ha) [Feb. 4 at Yaam]
  3. Ziúr – Concord [Feb. 5 at Schwuz]
  4. Jackie – Ebb Rise [Feb. 5 at Schwuz]
  5. Toxe – Bite [Feb. 5 at Schwuz]
  6. Mobilegirl – Novi [Feb. 5 at Panorama Bar]
  7. Doc Sleep – Geospatial [Feb. 23 at Salon Zur Wilden Renate]
  8. Kablam – Var Stark [Feb. 15 at Monarch]
  9. Jenny Hval – Female Vampire [Feb. 5 at HAU1]
  10. Qboy – Dragon [Feb. 10 at Schwuz]
  11. Asbjørn – Call Me By My Name [Feb. 8 at Philharmonie]
  12. Tegan and Sara – That Girl [Feb. 1 at Huxley’s Neue Welt]
  13. Bettina Köster – Helter Skelter [Feb. 17 at Haus der Berliner Festspiele]
  14. Tiger Magic – Together [Feb. 18 at Subversiv]
  15. Auth – Ordeal [Feb. 15 at Ä]