Expatriarch Radio #85

It’s June and SBSM (pictured) are coming to jolt Berlin out of its summer stupor. Tune in for another transgenre episode that goes from Kilbourne to Khan of Finland via Perera Elsewhere, Perfume Genius and more. Plus info about Black Lives Matter events, the Final Girls Film Festival and International Sex Worker’s Day.

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  1. SBSM – Teeth [Jun. 25 at Bei Ruth]
  2. Gnučči – Goodah II (produced by Kilbourne) [Jun. 10 at Ohm]
  3. FAKA – Uyang’khumbula [Jun. 7 at Säule]
  4. Perfume Genius – Just Like Love [Jun. 14 at Kantine am Berghain]
  5. Ziúr – Solstice FM X Round Round [Jun. 15 at Säule]
  6. Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody (MikeQ remix) [Jun. 8 at Burg Schnabel]
  7. Ipek Ipekcioglu – Uyan Uyan feat. Petra Nachtmanova [Jun. 21 at SO36]
  8. Khalil Anthony – The Lesson [Jun. 9 at Raumerweiterungshalle]
  9. Sanni – Afraid [Jun. 16 at Schwuz]
  10. La Terrorista del Sabor – Infección Tropical [Jun. 3 at Maze]
  11. Abdu Ali x Dan Deacon – Liberate Yaself [Jun. 9 at Schwuz]
  12. Perera Elsewhere – The Other Side [Jun. 11 at Babylon]
  13. Khan of Finland – Hundred Miles [Jun. 22 at Salon Zur wilden Renate]