Expatriarch Radio #91

Listen out for hot tracks by Shygirl (pictured), Lyzza, mobilegirl, Krudas Cubensi and Lamb Kebab, chill beats by Yves Tumor, Oscar and the Wolf, and Cigarettes After Sex, a UK Garage take on Kelela, end-of-year party tips, and a guest mix by DJ Occult.

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  1. Lyzza – Take the L feat. Shygirl [Lyzza: Dec. 29 at Südblock, Shygirl: Dec. 29 at Säule]
  2. Krudas Cubensi – Mi Cuerpo Es Mio [Dec. 15 at Heimlich]
  3. Oscar and the Wolf – Breathing [Dec. 1 at Heimathafen]
  4. Shedney Ruffins (aka MC Zulu Green) – The Morning [Dec. 16 at Ausland]
  5. Kelela – Truth or Dare (Bok Bok’s Steve Gurley mashup) [Dec. 7 at Berghain]
  6. XVII feat. Lamb Kebab – Like Almond (Imaabs Remix) [Dec. 15 at OHM]
  7. mobilegirl – Forest Coloss [Dec. 29 at Schwuz]
  8. Guest mix by DJ Occult [Dec. 29 at :// about blank]
  9. Kill Frenzy — Break Her Ass
  10. Cocky Balboa — Dirty Work feat. Simple
  11. DJ Hilti — Drop it Low
  12. DJ Deeon — Pushin Dik
  13. Mister Mixx — Jam Session
  14. DJ Slugo  — Pump it feat. Tasha
  15. DJ Paypal — I’m Ready
  16. Philthkids — Nu Clear
  17. Body Mechanic — Peaceofmine
  18. DJ Nasty — Closet Freak
  19. Werther Effekt – Dilettanztismus [Dec. 9 at Tommyhaus]
  20. Cigarettes After Sex – Sunsetz [Dec. 6 at Astra]
  21. Yves Tumor – Limerence [Dec. 29 at Säule]