Expatriarch Radio #96

This month in Berlin, Admina (pictured) is smashing the patriarchy with techno, Big Freedia is here to make you shake, Oshun showcase their bittersweet debut album, The Guilt want you to dance to the revolution, and Chicks on Speed are celebrating 20 years of making music. Tune in for all that plus tunes by Elysia Crampton, Nakhane, Rebeca Lane, Bitpart, Clara Luzia, Better off Dead, Auth, Aurora, Nkisi and Exploded View.

This is the final episode of Expatriarch Radio.

A HUGE thanks to Joey Hansom of Godmother who started this thing back in 2010, to Gizem aka 6zm who recently joined as co-host and co-producer, to all our friends at reboot.fm, coloRadio, Radio BLAU, radio t, and FSK, to Sky for lending her microphone, to Kiesia for building our shiny website, to all the people we interviewed, our guest DJs and everyone whose music we played, and of course YOU our listeners!

Our archive of past shows will remain accessible via Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Expatriarch Radio is broadcast on reboot.fm (88.4 in Berlin, 90.7 in Potsdam), coloRadio (99.3 and 99.4FM in Dresden), Radio BLAU (99.2FM in Leipzig), radio t (102.7FM in Chemnitz), FSK (93.0FM in Hamburg), and online all the time at www.expatriarch.com.

You can also subscribe and download episodes via iTunes podcasts.


  1. Admina — Destroy Patriarchy [May 12 at ://about blank]
  2. Nakhane — Interloper [May 21 at Kantine am Berghain]
  3. Big Freedia — Rent [May 22 at Gretchen]
  4. Oshun — Parts [May 11 at Saint George]
  5. Bitpart — Girls [May 9 at Bei Ruth]
  6. Better off Dead — Nightmare [May 9 at Bei Ruth]
  7. The Guilt — Dance to the revolution [May 3 at Wagenplatz Lohmühle]
  8. Clara Luzia — On the Street [May 2 at Kantine am Berghain]
  9. Exploded View — Summer Came Early [May 24 at Volksbühne]
  10. Nkisi — Afro Primitiv [May 11 at Roter Salon]
  11. Aurora — Grimes x T. Power [May 12 at ://about blank]
  12. Elysia Crampton — Oscollo [May 11 at Säule]
  13. Rebeca Lane — Alma Mestiza [May 7 at Kantine am Berghain]
  14. Chicks on Speed — Utopia [May 10 at Volksbühne]
  15. Auth — Ordeal [May 3 at Wagenplatz Lohmühle]