Snax is expectant with ‘Up and Coming Children’

Producer, songwriter, performer, DJ and record label owner Snax is back with a new solo EP: Up and Coming Children follows the American expat’s 2010 album Special Guest Star, comprising four new funkified jams along with two remixes of the title track, released digitally on Random Records. Pre-order it before the official June 6 release date to get the full EP for just 99¢!

Just in time for summer, the sunny “Up and Coming Children” blows the dust off vintage 70s disco sounds, laying them over a vibrant groove for a soaring track that would land smoothly on the dancefloor of Horse Meat Disco. Although the song is inspired by classic timbres—majestic strings, bright guitar strums and cowbells galore—the lyrical concept is all about paving the way for what’s new and fresh. Snax’s message is for the jaded queens who think they’ve seen it all: “In every city I’ve lived in, including Berlin, there are old-timers who have been in the game too long, holding on to these nostalgic attitudes,” he explains. In contrast, “Being up-and-coming is a lifestyle. It’s about being open-minded, happy to take chances.”

While the original version of “Up and Coming Children” is kinetic in its own right, he commissioned two remixes to increase the club factor. Italian duo Hard Ton transformed it into a 90s house-inspired workout, complete with a luscious organ line and newly recorded vocals. Meanwhile, Swedish DJ/producers Per QX and Elias Bravo (of GutterSlut party fame) twisted it into a fidgety, slightly deranged tech-house number. Elsewhere on the EP, “150%” offers a dark, funky stomp; “Nothing to Yourself” is a laid-back, floating tune; and “Phantom Voice” is a sleazy, tweaked-out slice of boogie. Prince’s classic 80s material remains the strongest sonic reference point throughout.

Snax premiered the colorful music video for “Up and Coming Children” last month with a release party at Südblock, where he and DJ Dickey Doo put on some of their favorite cuts for a dancefloor celebration. Five lucky winners received a copy of the new EP and video, compiled on a USB stick—vinyl purists be damned—each one personally kissed by Snax, “since they’re too small to autograph.”

What else has multitasking musician been up to? Plenty of collaborations, all which live inside what he calls “The House of Snaxine”. Over the past year or two, he’s released work with the likes of Mary Ocher, Manhooker and the Rimshooters, and there are plenty more tasty treats in the oven. “Mavin from Manhooker and I are starting a songwriting and production duo called BonomoLeMagass, which is our last names combined. We want to write and produce for other artists. We’re also working on his solo record.” All this, plus time in the studio with Alexander Geist, indicate that Snax’s future is still up and coming.